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Joshua J Byrne

Instructional Designer & Specialist

An experienced instructional systems designer, specialist, and educator, through various instructional design models and concepts, produced and employed hundreds of hours of instruction. In 2005 I began my career as a Journeyman Instructor for the United States Navy, which led to a MTS (Master Training Specialist) certification and a Bachelor of Science in Education Development from Southern Illinois University. I then devoted research and efforts towards adult learning; bridging the various training gaps, mainly focusing on blended learning methods (mixture of e-Learning and traditional learning). Once I gained ample experience in the field of adult learning I then enrolled at University of Connecticut to tweak my skills in the areas of new literacies for education, earning a Master of Art in Education, now developing courseware through Bisk Education; a rapidly growing company which facilitates the promotion and online delivery of degree and certificate programs from the nation’s leading traditional universities..

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Previous Education

My academic journey so far


Master Degree of Education

University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education, Department of Educational Psychology. Centered learning strategies focused on new literacies for the digital world.


Bachelor of Science

University of Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University, College of Education and Human Services. Linking education, work, and training to improve competitiveness within the workforce.


Master Training Specialist Certification

Naval Education Training Command

In recognition of exceptional dedication to duty and completion of the prescribed demanding requirements. The requirements include a demonstrated excellence in leadership, technical competence, application of instructional methodology, and desire to improve fleet readiness through quality instruction.

Previous Work Experience

My latest Work


Bisk Education

Instructional Designer

Responsible for the creation of degree and certificate courses from inception to completion, in conjunction with partner organizations. Manages multiple projects, with responsibilities including the following specific tasks: communicating with partner faculty, planning, organizing, and conducting video shoots, creating post-production media, building course elements and websites, and managing the flow of deliverables from department to department.



Instructional Systems Design Technologist

Designs and develops instructional material for training courses that supports educational, technical,mechanical, and professional products. Developed over 100 hours of SCORM compliant web-based training and traditional instructor led training. Produced andragogy centered curriculum for various organizations from Submarine Learning Center to the Coast Guard Academy.


Naval Education Training Command

Master Training Specialist

A certified Master Training Specialist that managed tactical acoustic training and maintenance training for multiple sonar and towed array systems in a journeyman and master level setting. Designed, Developed, and Evaluated Pre-Deployment Training for deploying submarines and evaluated qualifying Master Training Specialists` instructional methodology.


Naval Submarine School

General Military Instructor

Analyzes, designs, develops, and conducts leadership training for young men and women, ages from 17 to 22, in the United States Navy. Acted as a mentor to new up and coming students assisting in the transition from a institutional training method (bootcamp) to a state of the art higher learning environment (Submarine School).

Technical Skills

I’m quite good at


practice of creating instructional experiences


audience, tasks, learner's view, and the project’s overall goals


creation of the activities that will be implemented


Veteran leader of an instructional design team


html, java, action, jquery, objective c, and css


e‑Learning authoring software to talent management to learning management systems


develop any-screen mobile learning


software to create engaging courses

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Tampa, FL USA

+ 1 860-912-7554


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